monster house

Monster House
Rated: PG rating: 9+

DJ lives across the street from a creepy house and angry neighbor, Mr. Nebbercracker who shouts, “You kids get off my lawn!!” While shaking DJ, Mr. Nebbercracker dies on top of him. The empty house begins calling DJ. No one believes him. Not the Babysitter who has let a drunken drummer into the house. And not the cops until they get swallowed up by the house and disappear. Locked in the back of the squad car, DJ, Chowder, and Jenny are next. They will be swallowed up by the house as well.

This is a horror movie disguised as a children’s cartoon. It had several disturbing scenes in it. First, Bones, the drummer and babysitter’s boyfriend, is drinking bottle after bottle of beer and getting mean. First, he disembowels DJ’s favorite stuffed animal. Next, he tries to get sexual with the babysitter, Z, while she shouts No, No, get off me. I thought, are they going to show a rape on a kid’s cartoon? She kicks him out and he stumbles drunkenly over to the monster house and is swallowed. Next, we find in the house, the obese wife of Nebbercracker encased in cement. The cement breaks away revealing Mrs. Nebberbocker’s skeleton. The house itself is very scary. Inside the front door is a green hole which swallows people. Above the hole is a red dangling thing. Chowder asks Jenny, What is that? She says, I think it’s a uvula. Oh, Chowder says, I didn’t know it was a girl house. Really? Is that an appropriate joke for a kid movie? Of course, I had to explain that to my 11 year old. Both of my boys, 11 and 13, were uncomfortable with the movie. My older son explained that in violent movies like Lord of the Rings, there is a bad guy and a good guy. The good guys always defeat the bad guys and the movie is enjoyable. In Monster House, the House is bad and Mr. Nebbercracker is bad until you find out that the house is Mrs. Nebbercracker’s trapped spirit and Mr. Nebbercracker is trying to protect her. In the end, they have to destroy the house to set Mrs. Nebbercracker’s spirit free. So, we are left with a guy killing his wife as a good thing.

Monster House is a disturbing movie overall. I would have rated this PG13, avoided the movie, and avoided the nightmares that followed for my 11 year old.