Commonsensemedia.org rating: 11+

Bilbo Baggins is a reluctant adventurer in this 3 hour movie. Gandoph the Gray, the wizard, comes to Baggins’ house in the Shire to propose an adventure. Baggins refuses, saying he likes his routine, his house, and his mother’s dishes. Gandoph marks his house so that it can be found by the 13 dwarves that make up the team to slay the dragon and take back the gold and their kingdom. The dwarves upset everything that is Baggins. They eat all of his food, drink all of his ale, and throw his mother’s dishes around while singing a rowdy song. Upset, he refuses to go. It is not until after the dwarfs leave on their journey that Baggins realizes he just passed up a journey of a lifetime. He grabs his bag and hustles after them. Baggins slowly finds his inner courage and is eventually proclaimed a member of the team by the Dwarf King.

Common Sense Media seems to think that this movie is more kid oriented than the Lord of the Rings film. But, make no mistake, there is plenty of violence in this movie. We counted one hand cut off, 2 decapitations, and gratuitous orc slaughtering. But unlike LotR, none of Gandolph’s team dies in this epic. We had just settled down for the grand finale when the movie ended! A trip to the wiki finds that this is a trilogy. I enjoyed this movie, especially the riddle contest between Baggins and Precious. I think that 6 more hours of this story is in my future.