Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted
Directed by Eric Darnell
Rated: PG rating: Age 6+

The Penguins have taken the airplane and flown to Monte Carlo leaving the rest in Africa. Alex, the lion, wakes from a dream where they are still on the island but have all grown old. He convinces Marty, the zebra, Melman the giraffe, and Gloria, the hippopotamus that they should all go to Monte Carlo to get the penguins to fly them home to New York City.

Once in Monte Carlo, King Julian creates a ruckus in the Hotel Paris which leads to the animal control captain to chase them along the rooftops of Monte Carlo. She, of course, is riding a Vespa. The four finally hook up with a travelling Russian circus team. Alex is instantly smitten with the jaguar, Gia. He convinces her that they are a part of a circus group too. The ensemble make their way across Europe and finally back to New York City. They are home at last. Or are they?

Madagascar 3, released in 2012, returns to the hilarity of the first movie. There is more slapstick and sight gags than Mag 2. Additionally, it is the first Mag movie released in 3D. The chase scene over the rooftops was fabulous in 2D. In 3D, it must have been dizzying. Also toned down from the last move are the sexual innuendos which, frankly, made me squirm in my seat in the last movie. Yes, there is a romance between Gia and Alex, but it is more flirtatious than sexual. And Gloria and Melman are like a comfortable married couple. I was disappointed in the lack of “circus afro, circus afro, polka dot, polka dot, polka dot afro!” that we were promised in the previews.

If you enjoy the Madagascar movie trio, you will also enjoy the Penguins of Madagascar TV series. My whole family stops what they are doing to watch that TV show. It is well written and snappy.