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Commonsensemedia.org has compiled a list of apps that they recommend for students struggling in math, organization, communication, social interaction, motor skills and reading. This list is compiled by educators, special needs instructors, adolescent specialists, and speech pathologists. Each section is divided into three levels, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. One such app listed under advanced math is Dragonbox+. Dragonbox+ can be found on the app store on your device. It costs $5.99. It is a game based approach to teaching algebra concepts.

When playing Dragonbox+, you choose your avatar. Then we are led to an open book. In typical gaming fashion, there are no written instructions. The game is learned through trial and error. It begins easily enough, but quickly becomes more challenging. Algebra concepts are the key, not the language. The instructions are to isolate a box on one side of the book’s open pages by adding or taking away a picture on each side of the book’s pages. As the game progresses, the pictures become either light or dark, and the box becomes an ‘X’. There are 5 chapters with 20 levels in each chapter. It is challenging enough that after taking a break from the game, I had to start back on level one to remember how to play.