MAD tv series

Cartoon Network
Comedy rating: 12+

If you are looking for TV with a positive message for your children, MAD tv series is not for you. While the MAD magazine finds much of its humor from sexual references, MAD TV series’ humor comes from poking fun at celebrities and bathroom jokes. And while the celebrity humor goes over my kids’ heads, the fart and poop jokes have them falling out of their chairs laughing. They are 11 and 13 year old boys. This show is right up their alley. MAD is fast paced. Jokes come at you so quickly, you could watch it several times before catching all of the subtle wit. Some parents might find the language too crude. We realize that sometimes what makes TV or a movie funny is the off-color language. Our policy is: if you repeat it, then we can’t watch it anymore. So far, this rule has worked for us.

MAD TV series premiered in September, 2010. It should not be confused with MADtv, which was an hour long comedy series in the 1990’s. Some of the regular sketches include ‘stars without their makeup’ (Spongebob is a fruitcake), ‘Where’s Lady Gaga’ (a version of Where’s Waldo), and ‘gross and beyond gross.’ There is also the classic spy vs. spy short. MAD is irreverent, disgusting, and just plain funny. Your tweens will laugh out loud.