Mirror Mirror Movie. Directed by T. Singh
Rated: PG
Commensensemedia.org rating: ages 8+

Mirror Mirror is a film based on the Grimm brother’s tale Snow White. Julia Roberts is a wonderfully narcissistic evil step mother and Lily Collins is a closeted Snow White. Snow White defies her step mother and leaves the palace. There she meets her prince charming posing as a commoner who has been robbed by 7 cleverly costumed dwarfs. Snow white goes through a transformation as she takes a leadership role in her kingdom and is trained for combat by the dwarfs. The costuming tricks are deserving of the posthumous academy award nomination for Eiko Ishioka this year (2013).

The main thing I appreciated in this movie was the relationship between Prince Charming and Snow White. PC is a prince, schooled in the manly arts including sword fighting. SW has had a crash course in fighting from the dwarfs. In many modern films, the winner of a sword fight between a man and a woman would favor the woman, as is politically correct. (As a mother of two boys, I abhor this emasculation of men and boys in film and tv and the lack of relevance shown of men and fathers.) In Mirror Mirror, the prince toys with SW in a playful manner, slapping her on the rump with the side of his sword. It is a fun movie; we cheer for Snow White and the Prince, and boo the Queen until her ugliness is revealed.

Kavanaugh, R. (Producer), & Singh, T. (Director). (2012). Mirror Mirror. [Motion Picture]. USA: 20th Century Fox.