Flipped, the Movie, Directed by Rob Reiner
Romantic coming of age movie
Age appropriateness: 10+

Flipped is a he-said/she-said movie about Julie and Bryce, who meet as 2nd grade neighbors in what appears to be a 1960’s American suburb. From the moment Bryce moves in, Julie knows that he will be her first kiss. From the moment he moves in, Bryce thinks that Julie is trouble. As they age, the story continues to be told by his perspective and by hers. As the story progresses, we see that Julie is developing into a respectable, responsible teen with strong character. Bryce never seems to develop any of his own, but at least he begins to respect Julie’s.

I checked out both the movie and the book, unsure which one to watch first. I decided on the movie because I thought Rob Reiner would do a faithful version of the book. I am glad I did. I need to read the book to see if Bryce is more than an empty headed pretty face as the movie portrays him. Julie plows ahead, doing the right thing while Bryce just cares about what his friends think. His friends think Julie is weird. Bryce never acts as a friend to Julie. Julie slowly begins to see that there isn’t much to Bryce except a pretty face and a weak character. The movie ends with Bryce realizing his defects and wanting to be friends with Julie. I wonder what happens in the next 10 years. My prediction is that Bryce continues to be a good looking wet Kleenex and Julie becomes a neurosurgeon for Doctors without Borders.

Commonsensemedia.org rates this most appropriate for ages 10 plus and I would agree. Some themes are for slightly older children. They include some drinking, a severely mentally ill adult uncle, and some emotional yelling amongst the parents. In one scene, Bryce is questioning whether or not his father is a coward. For the tween girls, there is a scene of a shirtless, greased up Bryce trying to find a shirt to wear. I didn’t think 13 year old boys had six pack abs like that. Oh, and I counted one S* bomb. These are some examples that would make this movie more suitable for the tween audience.

Spoiler alert: Unlike the movie poster, he never does climb that tree with Julie.

Reiner, R. (Director). (2010). Flipped. [Motion picture]. USA: Warner Brothers.