Anne Of Green Gables by LM Montgomery
Interest Level Grade 6
Grade Level Equivalent 5.9
Genre Classics, Series, Realistic Fiction

This novel, written in 1908, tells of an 11 year old orphan who is adopted by an elderly brother and sister who are unmarried and run a farm together on Prince Edward Island, Canada. Marilla and Matthew send for a boy to help run the farm. Instead, they get Anne. Anne’s reflections on the world around her have so thoroughly enchanted Matthew by the time he brings her home from the train station, that, after passing muster with Marilla, they decide to keep her. One of my favorite scenes is when Anne (with an ‘e’) insults the busy-body neighbor Rachel, which almost leads to her being sent back to the orphanage, or worse, caring for Mrs. Blewett’s 2 sets of twins. Matthew convinces Anne she doesn’t have to really be sorry, just say she’s sorry to Rachel. Anne launches into a long tirade of apology to Rachel. After being forgiven she says proudly, “I apologized pretty well, didn’t I? I thought since I had to do it, I might as well do it thoroughly!” (pg. 99)

The Anne of Green Gables series is like a cup of hot tea on a cold winter day. The PBS series and the books are my comfort food. They remind me of long winter afternoons with my mom on one couch reading Dick Francis and me on the other with my Anne novels. We would only get up to replenish the tea or maybe put out a plate of crackers. I do the same thing with my boys now. We call them ‘reading parties.’ Anne’s dry wit, her pride, and her lack of any filter lands her in hot water in almost every chapter. She becomes older and wiser from her mishaps such as accidently exchanging the juice with raspberry cordial and causing her bosom friend, Diana, to become retchingly ill in front of the minister’s wife. She becomes older with each book, so that the reader can grow with her. I strongly recommend this series to any 9-12 year old girl. Who wouldn’t fall in love with Gilbert Blythe? If you enjoy the Anne series, you will also enjoy Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.

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Montgomery, L. M. (1908). Anne of Green Gables. New York, NY: Grosset and Dunlap.