The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod by Heather Brewer

Interest Level Grade 6
Grade Level Equivalent 4.7
Genre Horror and Supernatural, Series

The first thing I noticed about this book is its sophisticated cover. It is a teenage boy with his hood covering the top half of his face and a cartoonish smiley face on his shirt. Except the smiley face is blood red and has fangs. The hero in this story is 13 year old Vladimir Tod, or Vlad, son of a vampire father and a human mother. Vlad is trying to live a normal 13 year old life, with girls, parties, and middle school. His best friend, Henry, whom Vlad bit when he was 8, is a loyal human to Vlad. Vlad’s parents are missing, presumed dead, and so he lives with his aunt. Aunt Nelly is a nurse in a hospital and supplies Vlad with his blood supply. Other than Vlad being a vampire and a host of other vampires scrambling for his demise, this could be any other 13 year old angst novel.

This is my 13 year old son’s first foray into the YA genre. It is definitely darker than his other choices, but not inappropriate. The book is followed up by 9th Grade Slays, 10th Grade bleeds, and so on up through 12th Grade. It is an American Libraries Association Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Readers Title.
My son states that there are no sparkly vampires in this one. Or no disgusting romance to distract from the blood cravings that make Vlad’s vampire teeth grow when he’s hungry. That said, I would place this tween book at the older end of the age range, definitely 12 plus. It is well written and an enjoyable read.

Brewer, H. (2007). The Chronicles of Vlaimir Tod. New York, NY: Penguin.