rabbitAlice in Wonderland (Movie) 2010

Genre: Fantasy
Commonsensemedia.org rates 10+

Alice in Wonderland is a sequel to the book. Now grown, Alice is being married to someone very appropriate, a rich Duke. Alice realizes at the last minute, that no one has asked her if she wants to marry the Duke. Her life is being scripted for her. She has been proposed to , and the crowd at her engagement party is waiting for her to say yes. She sees the white rabbit and follows him down to Wonderland. Once there, she is being quizzed if she is indeed the right Alice. Surely she would have memories of being there before? Slowly, Alice finds her ‘muchness’ that she had lost, and helps the white queen vanquish the red queen as it has been written it would be. If she is, indeed, the right Alice.

Alice is another one of those movies that seem appropriate for young kids, but really isn’t. We watched it when my sons were 9 and 11. They found it confusing and hard to follow. The story line is complicated and it took me two viewings to realize that this is actually a sequel to Alice in Wonderland with Alice nearly grown up. The bandersnatch is very scary as is the fight with the jabberwocky at the end, resulting in the head of the jabberwocky being cut off by Alice, and it tumbling down a spiral staircase to the feet of the red queen. The red queen, played by Helena Bonham Carter, is wickedly ridiculous with an enormous head resulting in her court all wearing prosthetic noses or body parts to endear themselves to the queen. The special effects were well done. Overall, now that my sons are 11 and 13, it was an amusing movie.

Burton, T. (Director). (2010). Alice in Wonderland. [Motion Picture]. USA: Disney.